FIS með umfjöllun um Lowlanders samstarfið

Alþjóðaskíðasambandið FIS fjallaði nýverið um Lowlanders samstarfið sem SKÍ er hluti af. Hér að neðan má sjá fréttina og einnig er hægt að sjá hana á heimasíðu FIS hér.

FIS Solidarity assists Lowlanders Racing Team cooperation

Supported by funds from the FIS Solidarity Programme, the Lowlanders Alpine Race Team is new cooperation created in spring 2020 as a cooperation in Alpine Skiing for national teams and talent development between Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The team has a strong focus on developing more skiers who are racing for a longer period and at a higher and higher level.

Currently, more than 30 racers from the six nations are included in the programme, both on a package or a day-by-day principle. 

“The development of stronger collaboration between the six ‘Lowlander‘ nations started in 2018 and has grown stronger, both on an organisational level, as well as between the coaches and athletes. It makes sense to collaborate, when we are small ski nations with limited resources - and no snow“, says Kim Bremer, Project Development Manager at the Danish Ski Association. 

“A major part of the progress and development is because of the additional support we received from FIS Solidarity.”

A joint season preparation is one of the cornerstones of the new system: the first third of the season has a high focus on developing basic skiing skills. The second period has focus on dryland training, building up strength and training in technical courses.

The last third of the season is the  race season itself and the team can be split up and going to international events like the Junior World Championships, Olympics and Universiade. First year FIS racers and racers who need to improve FIS points will target races suited to that objective.

The cooperation involves a pool of trainers from Belgium, Netherlands and Slovenia and the group connects regularly to plan the programmes and training. All nations are represented with minimum one person in the Steering Committee representing their National Ski Association. Chairman of the Steering Committee is Jon Vidar Thorvaldsson from Iceland and treasurer is Christophe Lemeire from Belgium.

You can find out more about the cooperation at their website and various Social Media outlets: Facebook & Instagram