The Icelandic Ski Association (ISL NSA) is the association of regional associations and sports associations of the sports clubs that practice and compete in the sport of skiing and snowboarding. It has the highest authority on the specialty of skiing and snowboarding in the Icelandic Sports and Olympic Association, ÍSÍ.

The purpose of ISL NSA is to have oversight of the affairs of skiing and snowboarding in Iceland and work to strengthen it, supervise implementation and promote good co-operation between member associations. Publish competition rules, oversee their implementation and issue competition licenses.

Board of ISL NSA
Bjarni Th. Bjarnason - Chairman
Kristinn Magnússon - Vice chairman
Fjalar Úlfarsson - Treasurer
Dagmar Ýr Sigurjónsdóttir - Secretary
Snorri Páll Guðbjörnsson - Chairman of alpine committee
Einar Ólafsson - Chairman of cross-country committee
Friðbjörn Benediktsson - Chairman of snowboard committee

Jón Viðar Þorvaldsson - Secretary general
Dagbjartur Halldórsson - Sports manager

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